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Helping Spanish Speakers Find Financial Relief through Bankruptcy

There are many reasons why people in the United States may become overwhelmed by debt. The law provides the right to file for bankruptcy and seek important relief from your debts so that you can start over with a clean slate. While many people in the U.S. benefit from the bankruptcy process, many others fail to start the process and continue to worry about their inability to make payments, as well as the possible loss of their homes or vehicles. This is especially true of Spanish speakers who may not understand the bankruptcy process or know where to turn for help.

The lawyers of Miranda, Magden & Miranda provide legal services in Spanish to ensure we serve all members of the community. Contact our best Spanish speaking bankruptcy lawyers for more information about your debt relief options today.  

Common Reasons for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not always the result of poor decisions, as many people file for bankruptcy for reasons beyond their control. Some reasons we have seen among our clients include:

  • Predatory lending
  • Uncovered medical expenses
  • Serious accidents and injuries
  • Medical expenses for aging parents
  • Serious illness in the family
  • Job loss or underpayment for your work
  • Divorce and support obligations

If you cannot keep up with your bills, you should not simply allow the situation to get worse. Instead, contact our legal team for a consultation to learn about your bankruptcy options. 

Types of Bankruptcy Cases

When consumers want to file for bankruptcy, they must decide which type of case they will pursue. There are two primary types of bankruptcy, as follows.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common type of case for several reasons. First, it is a generally fast process, and the case is usually completed in four months or less from the date of filing your petition. You must demonstrate you are eligible for a Chapter 7 case, however, which will depend on your income, expenses, and assets. If your petition shows that you do not have money to pay back your debts, the court can order a discharge of those debts. In exchange, you may have to give up certain property or assets, though our attorneys can help you keep as much as possible. 

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is another type of consumer bankruptcy that lasts significantly longer than Chapter 7 cases. This is because you must complete a five-year repayment plan before the court will discharge your debts and close your case. This type of bankruptcy is common for people who have too much income to qualify for Chapter 7, or who do not want to lose certain property in a Chapter 7 case.  

Consult with Our Best Spanish Speaking Bankruptcy Lawyers Today

At Miranda, Magden & Miranda, LLP, our goal is to find the best debt relief options for every client. We can review all possible options in Spanish to ensure that you fully understand possible solutions to your debt situation. Contact us to consult with our best Spanish speaking bankruptcy lawyers right away.

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