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If you or a loved one is in crisis, or you are simply looking for a point in the right direction on financial or family issues, there are many resources in Monterey County at your disposal. The following is a list helpful (often free) community-based resources to assist you:

Non-Profit Legal and Counseling Resources

•    Army Community Service
•    California Department of Consumer Affairs
•    California Rural Legal Assistance
•    Catholic Charities
•    Community Homeless Solutions
•    Community Human Services or call their 24-hour Crisis Line – (800) 696-0610
•    Compassion Pregnancy Center
•    Housing Resource Center
•    Kinship Center or call their toll-free number – (800) 454-6744
•    Monterey County Bar Lawyer Referral Service
•    Monterey County Department of Child Support Services
•    Monterey County Department of Social and Employment Services or call their Child Abuse Reporting Hotline – (800) 606-6618
•    Monterey County Superior Court 
     Self-Help Center
     1200 Aguajito Road, Room 303 (Third Floor)
     Monterey, CA 93940
     Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm (Mon – Fri)
•    United Way of Monterey County
•    United Way 211 Project or call their 24-hour Crisis Help Line – dial 211
•    The Village Project
•    YWCA Monterey County or call their 24-hour Crisis line – (831) 372-6300
•    California Rural Legal Assistance 
•    District Attorney Domestic Violence Advocate
     831-375-0505 (Salinas)
     831-647-7772 (Monterey)
•    Family Service Center
•    Legal Services for Seniors
•    Lawyer Referral Service
•    Men’s Alternatives to Violence
•    Shelter Plus
•    Trucha, Inc.
•    Women’s Crisis Center
•    YWCA

Informational Websites

•     AR-11 Change Address with USCIS
     California Courts and Judicial System 
     Cortes de California – Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de California.
     Judicial Council Forms – California Judicial Council forms.
     Law Help of California – Provides the public with access to basic legal information and legal resources in California.
     Monterey Superior Court – For information on Monterey County local rules of court, hearings, calendar, etc.
     NVC Case Status
     State Bar of California
     USCIS Case Status
     USCIS Forms 

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