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Family Law

Family Law

Family Law

Miranda, Magden & Miranda attorneys work in Family Law with the firm understanding that, as custody, general family, and divorce lawyers, our aim is to help you protect the things most important to you and your family. When your legal issues involve matters dear to your family, the stakes are necessarily high. Our goal is to help you arrive at your informed goals; protecting your children, home, future, and financial security is our highest priority.

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Family Law Legal Processes

We understand the court system can become overwhelming and confusing.

In a time of crisis for your family, we believe your rights, responsibilities, and options under the law should always be explained clearly. We believe empathetic legal guidance helps you determine which pathway will truly be best for you and your family. We will make sure you understand the process, and the decisions you face. Your domestic violence, custody, or divorce lawyer will provide you the highest levels of affordable legal service to help you reach your goals through our legal system.

Our family and divorce lawyers are highly educated and have proven effectiveness within our court systems in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties.

Your Miranda, Magden & Miranda custody, domestic violence, or divorce lawyer will bring a passion for your well-being and a practical, real-world application of the law to your case. We are proud of our reputation for creative resolutions which have guided our clients – and their families – to agreeable results, whenever possible. Crucially, Miranda, Magden and Miranda attorneys believe it beneficial for you and your family to move forward with life outside the confines of the court. Our Family Law and Divorce Lawyers always aim to get the right result while minimizing strife.

When a settlement is not prudent, our attorneys advocate aggressively for you and expertly navigate your case through trial. It is our goal to return you to a self-sufficient state, where neither continued court nor continued attorney involvement is needed, as soon as possible.


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Please come to meet our legal team today. At your initial consultation, an experienced attorney will help you understand the legal framework of your case and your options. The attorneys at Miranda, Magden & Miranda are here to help you reach the better days ahead.


We provide our clients with experienced immigration lawyers who are knowledgeable of the law and have the diligence to navigate your case.

Family Law

Our attorneys work in Family Law with the firm understanding that, as custody, general family, and divorce lawyers, we are here to support your loved ones’ best interests.

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