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Post-Judgment Relief

Post-Judgment Relief

Post-Judgment Relief

Many battles are fought in the family court. Divorce, legal separation, child custody, and other matters can all lead to costly legal fights. Unfortunately, the final judgment is not the end of litigation. Many litigants must eventually come back to court to enforce the original orders. The experienced family law attorneys at Miranda, Magden & Miranda can help you enforce any type of family court order. Learn more about how to enforce financial orders, parenting orders, and how to modify parenting orders that are not working. 

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Enforcing Financial Orders

The family courts of California issue many different types of financial orders. You might have an order for child support or alimony. Perhaps you have a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) that entitles you to a portion of a former spouse’s retirement benefits. You might also have a property settlement that specifies what property is yours. All of these financial orders can impact your legal rights for years to come. If you are not receiving the benefits of any type of financial order from the family court, it is time to consult with an attorney about your options to enforce it. 

Enforcing Parenting Orders

Co-parenting is a difficult relationship for any family to navigate. Some parents choose to ignore parenting time schedules, or make legal decisions without the other parent’s input, or ignore other provisions of the original parenting orders. This can be harmful to the children. All children – but especially those who go between two houses – need as much consistency as possible. When one parent ignores the parenting plan, children suffer unnecessarily. It is important to speak with the other parent about sticking to the parenting plan. If they still refuse, it may be time to go to court and ask a judge to enforce the parenting plan. In addition to protecting your children from unnecessary confusion, it also protects your legal rights to spend time with your children and make legal decisions on their behalf.  

Modifying an Existing Parenting Plan

Sometimes, a parenting plan does not work for a family. It is important to establish parenting time schedules and legal decisions that are in the best interest of your child. If the current plan is not acting in your child’s best interests, it is time to revisit it. Some parents are able to work together to make the necessary changes. Other times, one parent must ask the family court to make necessary changes that the other parent will not agree to. An experienced custody lawyer can help you determine what changes are necessary, whether they can be negotiated with the other parent, and what the best legal strategy is for proving to the court that these changes are in your child’s best interests. 


Experienced Domestic Relations Attorneys For All Post-Judgment Family Law Matters

At Miranda, Magden & Miranda, our skilled legal team knows how to enforce all types of family court orders. Our clients trust us to protect their most important rights as parents. We also enforce financial settlements, child support, spousal support, and other financial provisions.  Contact us to schedule a consultation. We offer two convenient office locations in Salinas and Monterey.


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