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Tips for Minimizing Conflict During a Child Custody Battle

Tips for Minimizing Conflict During a Child Custody Battle

Date: Aug 22, 2023
In: Child Custody & Visitation

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Tips for Minimizing Conflict During a Child Custody Battle

If you are facing a child custody battle, you should expect the unexpected. Divorce is a major transition, and few elements are as emotionally triggering as the matter of child custody. Even divorces and child custody cases that begin calmly enough can very quickly turn ugly, but knowing how to minimize conflict in this context can help. An experienced California child custody attorney is standing by to lead the way. 

Know Your Own and California’s Priorities

When it comes to child custody, the State of California prioritizes both parents’ right to maximize the time they spend with their children, which is considered in the children’s best interests. As such, you can expect the court to rule in favor of you and your children’s other parent each having a considerable amount of parenting time. With this in mind, you should determine your own child custody priorities by considering how to accomplish this in the context of your own unique circumstances. 

Demonstrate Your Willingness to Compromise

Even if your goal is to become the primary custodial parent, demonstrating that you are willing to accommodate your ex having generous visitation sends the right message to the court. California courts take a range of variables into account when determining children’s best interests, and one factor is each parent’s commitment to supporting the other’s healthy and ongoing relationship with the children.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

You do yourself, your children, and your child custody case a favor when you keep the lines of communication between you and your children’s other parent open while your case is pending – and beyond. What open communication will look like between you and your ex depends upon the situation. 

For example, if discussing issues in person is out of the question, you have other options, which can include:

  • Sticking strictly to phone conversations
  • Communicating solely through texts
  • Turning to emails or other forms of electronic communications to do your negotiating 

Ultimately, keeping the lines of communication between you and your ex open can help you minimize conflict and resolve your child custody concerns more effectively and efficiently. 

Put Your Children’s Best Interests First

Finding a way to turn down the heat between you and your children’s other parent is often in the best interest of your children, and focusing on this can minimize conflict. The stress of divorce affects your children, and generally anything you can do to relieve that stress is a step in the right direction. Taking things down a notch in relation to child custody can also work in your favor when it comes to your court-ordered child custody terms. 

It Is Time to Consult with an Experienced California Child Custody Attorney

The seasoned California child custody attorneys at Miranda, Magden & Miranda, LLP, understand how important your child custody terms are to you and appreciate how easily the matter can become contentious. We, however, have the knowledge and experience to skillfully defend your parental rights while helping to minimize the drama that often gets in the way. Learn more by contacting us today.

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