Questions to Ask When Meeting With an Immigration Lawyer

Questions to Ask When Meeting With an Immigration Lawyer

Date: Nov 19, 2021
In: Asylum

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Questions to Ask When Meeting With an Immigration Lawyer

For many people, the process of hiring a lawyer can be intimidating. Most clients have never had to hire a lawyer before. If you have never dealt with the immigration system, it can be daunting, and you may not know what questions to ask when meeting with an immigration lawyer. Here are some important questions that will help you find the right immigration lawyer for your unique case: 

How Long Have You Been Practicing Immigration Law?

The more experience an attorney has, the better he or she will be able to handle your case. Experience exposes attorneys to more options, creative solutions, and potential challenges to your immigration petition. Experienced attorneys are better able to find the right immigration solutions for you. It is also important that an attorney has experience in the field of immigration. An attorney who has only practiced personal injury or criminal defense without having any immigration experience may not be prepared to handle your case. 

Have You Handled Cases Like Mine Before? How Does Mine Compare?

It is also important that your immigration lawyer has experience handling cases similar to yours. If your attorney has handled cases involving the same type of visa or the same circumstances to support a petition for asylum, they will be better prepared to successfully handle your case. It is worthwhile to ask how your case compares to other similar cases. There might be additional legal challenges to your petition, and you want to know how your attorney plans to handle them. 

How Will You Communicate With Me About My Case?

One of the most frequent complaints clients have about attorneys is that their lawyer does not communicate with them. Though lawyers are busy, they are still expected to communicate with their clients and explain what is happening with their cases. Asking an attorney how they plan to communicate about your case can be enlightening. Some may say that their paralegal handles all communications, and you should not expect to hear from them directly. Others may work with several lawyers in a large firm, and you could hear from any of the attorneys working on your case. Whatever the answer is, you should feel comfortable about how they will communicate with you and feel assured that you can get the answers you need about your case. 

What Happens After I Hire You?

Your attorney should have a plan for your case. This plan might involve petitioning for a visa or green card right away, or it might involve taking care of other issues first. (For example, expunging a criminal conviction that could prevent your petition from being granted.) Your attorney should be able to explain exactly what will happen after they are hired. 

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