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Co-parenting Tips During Back-to-School Time

Co-parenting Tips During Back-to-School Time

Date: Jun 22, 2022
In: Child Custody & Visitation

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Co-parenting Tips During Back-to-School Time

Co-parenting can be challenging in even the best of times, but going back to school can add an additional layer of challenge. If you are gearing up to send your children back to school, you are wise to plan ahead, and fortunately, there are some useful back-to-school tips that can help you maintain a sane schedule while helping your children to thrive. If you run into a back-to-school child custody concern, turn to the legal guidance of an experienced California child custody attorney

Your Current Parenting Plan

If you are already co-parenting, you either negotiated a parenting plan with your children’s other parent or were awarded one by the court. It is important to note that the fact of your children returning to school does not negate or alter this schedule – you will need to continue working within it or will need to obtain a child custody modification with the court. If you and your ex are in the habit of engaging in open communication and are on the same page regarding your children, the path forward is likely to be far smoother. If not, however, the specifics included in your current parenting plan should guide your back-to-school decisions. 

Address Expectations

Each new school year presents new challenges, rewards, and opportunities, and you naturally want your children to be well prepared to make the most of everything that is on offer. In order to do this, you and their other parent are going to need to address the expectations you face as parents, including those related to:

  • Back-to-school shopping
  • Any vaccination – or physical – requirements and appointment scheduling
  • Who will be helping the kids with homework and on what schedule
  • Scheduling snafus, such as sick days, and how they will be handled
  • Backup plans for scheduling emergencies
  • Your children’s after-school and before-school childcare needs and how they will be addressed
  • Transportation to and from extracurriculars and how the expense of participating will be addressed
  • Sharing the expectations you have for your children (as they become older and take on more responsibilities) with them 

The better you and your ex are at working as a co-parenting team, the better prepared you will be to address back-to-school expectations head-on, but however you get where you need to be will work.

Stay Focused

If you find yourself becoming stressed about your children transitioning back to school, remember that you are not alone – and talking about your concerns with other parents can help. By keeping your eye on what is most important – another successful school year for your children – you will be better prepared to successfully take on whatever comes your way. 

An Experienced California Child Custody Attorney Is Standing by to Help

The dedicated child custody attorneys at Miranda, Magden & Miranda, LLP, recognize how stressful child custody matters can be and have the experience and compassion to help. You have what it takes to provide your children with a great school year, and we are committed to helping you do just that. To learn more, please reach out and contact us today. 

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