Santa Cruz Family Law Attorney

Santa Cruz Family Law Attorney

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, or you are fighting over child custody or support payments, you need to speak with a Santa Cruz family law attorney today. The longer you wait, the more sleepless nights and frustrations you will have to deal with. Often, with the help of a professional family law attorney, you can put to rest some of your fears and get your sanity back. Give Miranda, Magden & Miranda, LLP a call today to learn more.

What is a Family Law Attorney?

Family law is a subset of the law that deals primarily with disputes and agreements between family members. Common situations we can assist with include:

  • Uncontested divorces
  • Litigated (disputed) divorces
  • Child custody battles
  • Child support petitions
  • Child support enforcement
  • Disputes involving payment of alimony (aka maintenance)
  • Termination of paternal rights
  • Paternity disputes
  • Adoptions and minor guardianships

Why Not Do-it-Yourself?

A 2005 article in the New York Times found that almost half of all family court litigants are unrepresented by an attorney. This is a staggering statistic and one that is only slightly decreasing with time and access to justice projects around the country. The fact remains that family court is probably the place where people are unrepresented in court the most. Going “DIY” in family court is not only foolish, it is dangerous. This is where your time with your children is decided. It is where things like the amount of money you will receive from an ex-spouse is determined. It is where a judge will be deciding what is potentially in your children’s best interests. Of all times in your life when a skilled professional is needed, this is it.

What do Family Law Attorneys do?

Experienced family law attorneys can help in a lot of ways. The first way is just explaining complex legal theories and concepts so that the process is less intimidating and threatening. Here are a few other things lawyers can help with:

  • Drafting documents so they are right the first time
  • Getting things to move through the courts more quickly
  • Avoiding costly delays
  • Getting disputes resolved faster and more favorably for you
  • Avoiding unnecessary litigation and expenses

Why You Should Hire Miranda, Magden & Miranda, LLP

Our multilingual attorneys have decades of experience representing clients throughout the Santa Cruz area. We take our role very seriously, and we recognize that when it comes to family court, the stakes can be very high for our clients. If you are needing help with a family law matter, do not just take chances on the first attorney you find. Call the professionals at Miranda, Magden & Miranda, LLP.


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Family Law

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