Monterey County Immigration Lawyers

Monterey County Immigration Lawyers

Monterey County Immigration Lawyers

There are many different ways that a Monterey County immigration lawyer can help you secure a lawful immigration status in the United States. Whether you need a visa, a green card, or citizenship, the experienced Monterey County immigration lawyers at Miranda, Magden & Miranda are here to help.


There are many different types of visas available for temporary residence in the U.S. It is important to apply for the right type of visa so that you do not face unnecessary delays in the immigration process. Our experienced immigration attorneys know how to find the visa that is best suited to your unique circumstances. Visas can be sponsored by a family member or employer. There are also visas available on humanitarian grounds, such as asylum or domestic violence. 

A temporary visa stay usually lasts between six months and two years. The length is determined by the type of visa you hold. If you need to stay in the U.S. beyond this date, it is important to prepare well in advance of your visa expiration. Overstaying a visa can make it more difficult to obtain lawful immigration status in the future.

Lawful Permanent Residence (Green Cards)

Like visas, a green card can be sponsored by a family member or employer, and there are also humanitarian green cards available with no sponsorship required. A green card is a more permanent immigration status – unlike a visa, it is not invalidated at the end of six months or a year. Green cards have renewal dates (usually ten years), but so long as you are still eligible for permanent residence, you may continue renewing your green card indefinitely. Ineligibility occurs if you violate any terms of immigration (for example, by committing a serious felony or by helping others evade immigration authorities). 


Though permanent residence can provide you with a stable immigration status for years to come, there are some important reasons to consider citizenship. Some immigrants find a tax benefit to citizenship. Others want to be able to vote. And while a green card holder can be deported, a citizen can only be forced to leave the country through the lengthy denaturalization process. (Denaturalization is far more complicated than removal proceedings, so it is also far less common.) 

Applicants for citizenship must meet several requirements, including passing a background check into their immigration and criminal history. An applicant must also pass exams to prove their competency with the English language and American civics. 

Experienced Immigration Lawyers in Monterey County

There are many different types of visas and green cards. It is important to choose the one that is right for your unique situation, and if you apply for citizenship, it is important to be prepared for that process, as well. The experienced Monterey County immigration lawyers at Miranda, Magden & Miranda have years of experience handling even the most complicated immigration cases. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We have handled all types of immigration issues, and we can help you find the immigration solutions that are best suited to your needs.


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