Greenfield Immigration Lawyer

Greenfield Immigration Lawyer

As recently as the early 2000s, Greenfield was just a sleepy little village. Today, it is one of the largest communities in the Salinas Valley. Oaxacan immigrants fleeing violence and poverty in their Mexican homeland, have fueled much of this growth. These indigenous people often speak their own non-Spanish language so they can have an even harder time getting along in California. Furthermore, from a legal standpoint, it can be difficult for these immigrants to obtain green cards.

Many people in this part of Monterey County need highly skilled legal representation, and the Greenfield immigration lawyers at Miranda, Magden & Miranda have the necessary skill set. We know how to use complex immigration laws to your benefit. Perhaps more importantly, we know how to navigate the complex U.S. immigration law system. We add a healthy dose of compassion to this high level of expertise. Since we are immigrants ourselves, we have some idea of the problems your family faces.

Types of Immigration Cases

Both expertise and compassion are important. Immigration laws are complicated and confusing. Typically, unfeeling bureaucrats have control within this system, and as a result, there can be a great deal of fear and intimidation experienced by those who must navigate it.

Fortunately, California is one of the most immigrant-friendly states in the Union. For example, California was one of the first jurisdictions to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers’ licenses.

This environment enables the Greenfield immigration lawyers at Miranda, Magden & Miranda, LLP to deal with a wide range of immigration matters, such as:

  • Asylum: This expedited path to citizenship may be available to Oaxacan immigrants. Asylum is only available in limited situations. Without an aggressive Greenfield immigration lawyer, the government may almost certainly deny your asylum application.
  • Green Card: Long-term authorization to live and work in the United States makes permanent residency a good option for many people. Many people qualify for green cards due to family or employment status.
  • Visa: In many cases, a visa is a gateway to the United States. Family ties in California, even including a fiancé in the state, allow many people to get visas. Most people outside the U.S. must use the consular application process, and only a seasoned Greenfield immigration lawyer should try to help you in this area.

At Miranda, Magden & Miranda, LLP we also handle DACA matters, citizenship applications, and I-601A waivers.

The Greenfield Immigration Lawyer Difference at Miranda, Magden & Miranda, LLP

As mentioned, our ability to empathize with immigrants sets our attorneys apart from the rest. But there are some other considerations as well.

For example, we offer a high level of professional service. Many other Greenfield immigration lawyers do not handle these matters if another attorney has been previously involved. But at Miranda, Magden & Miranda, LLP, our professional team routinely steps in when another professional has, for whatever reason, been unable to deliver results.

Additionally, we give you the resources you need to become a full-fledged, contributing member of the Monterey County community. Our goal is not just to process paperwork, but to make your lives better in the process.

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Immigrants founded America, and we are determined to build on that foundation. For a confidential consultation with an experienced Greenfield immigration lawyer, contact Miranda, Magden & Miranda, LLP.


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