Gonzales Immigration Lawyer

Gonzales Immigration Lawyer

The mild climate and bustling economy in Monterey County attract people from all over the country and the world. Gonzales has the additional lure of a small town close to a sprawling urban area — an attractive combination. When people come here from overseas, there are always immigration issues; it is just a matter of degree.

 At Miranda, Magden & Miranda, we provide a full range of immigration services. We work diligently on the process for people who want to come here to live, work, study, and build a future. Many immigrants come on a temporary basis, thinking they will return to their former countries someday. But “someday” never comes, so they look to upgrade their immigration status. Other people have issues with deportation and removal procedures. Our lawyers advocate for all these people in all these situations.

Initial Determinations in Monterey County

Most of the professionals at Miranda, Magden & Miranda have not been in America for more than a few generations. We feel a strong sense of duty to help immigrants who want to come here and improve their lives. Some possible options include:

  • Relative-based petitions,
  • K-1 fiancé visas,
  • Waivers and asylum applications, and
  • Deferred Action/DACA matters.

Whether the process must begin here in the United States or in your country of origin, our experienced attorneys know the right buttons to push. We do more than file paperwork and hope for the best. We are a strong voice for you throughout the process, and we also offer ongoing legal advice for you and your family. 

Status Upgrades in Gonzales 

After immigrants have had a taste of life in California, most of them do not want to go anywhere else. At Miranda, Magden & Miranda, status upgrades make up a significant percentage of our immigration law practice.

We handle things like family petitions and green card applications.

Our clients also have a very high citizenship test pass rate. We assist with the complex application, so it does not draw unwanted attention. We work with you on interview skills and on the components of the citizenship test itself.

Adverse Proceedings in California

Not all immigration stories have happy endings. For the most part, California’s government is extremely immigrant-friendly. But there are always exceptions.

Without a status upgrade, deportation and removal is always a possibility. Some common grounds for these proceedings include: 

  • Crime of moral turpitude (DUI is not generally a CMT),
  • Certain “aggravated felonies,”
  • Fraudulent activities, and
  • Immigration law violations.

That last bullet could include technical violations, such as failure to note a change of address.

In many cases, the government’s evidence is weak and circumstantial. Since the government has the burden of proof in some cases, it is best to put these deportation efforts to the test. In other situations, an agreed resolution, like voluntary departure, may be best. If a person leaves the country voluntarily, the waiting period to come back may be shorter.

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Sooner or later, every noncitizen needs legal representation. For a confidential consultation with an experienced immigration attorney in Gonzales, contact Miranda, Magden & Miranda LLP. After-hours visits are available.


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