Family Law Lawyers Monterey

Family Law Lawyers Monterey

Family Law Lawyers Monterey

Most individuals can find a partner on their own, get married, and have kids without needing a family law lawyer. For some people, however, they will need professional legal help for specific procedures that impact family matters. For example, federal and state laws govern divorce laws, same-sex couples’ rights, and adoption, among many other family matters. 

What Can a Family Lawyer Do For You?

Family law lawyers are legal professionals that focus on family law issues and handle legal matters concerning family members. Family law basically refers to a wide variety of regulations, rules, and court procedures that involve the family unit. These can include civil procedures and legal issues that involve custodial rights, financial responsibilities, and others, such as the following: 

  • Getting MarriedState laws primarily govern eligibility and requirements for people who are planning to get married. 
  • Domestic Partnership – In a domestic partnership, two consenting adults have elected to share each other’s lives in a committed and intimate relationship. In California, registered domestic partners are afforded most of the responsibilities and rights as that of married couples.
  • Divorce and Spousal Support – Likewise known as dissolution of marriage, in California, a divorce can either be contested or uncontested. In most cases, one spouse, typically the one that earns (more) money, will need to provide spousal support to the other spouse after the divorce. 
  • Legal Separation – This is an alternative to divorce. With a legal separation, separating couples can end their relationship without completely ending their marriage. 
  • Child Custody and Child Support – When parents get separated or divorced, it will be up to the court to decide what’s in the child’s best interests, including which parent gets custody and financial support arrangements. 
  • Property and Debt Division – When couples separate or get divorced, the court will make decisions regarding the division of property and debt (if applicable) that the couple accrued during their marriage or partnership. 
  • Grandparent Rights – Most states, including California, provide grandparent visitation rights, and in certain circumstances, custody of the grandchildren. 
  • Foster Care and Adoption – A broad range of legal considerations usually arise when fostering or adopting a child.
  • Guardianship – Also known as conservatorship, guardianship is a legal procedure that’s used when an individual becomes incapable of making or communicating sound or safe decisions regarding their property and life or has become vulnerable to undue influence or fraud. 
  • Reproductive Rights – State laws that govern abortion, artificial conception, abortion, and other reproductive rights often change and involve very complex rules. 
  • Parental Liability – In most cases, parents can be held legally liable for their children’s actions. 
  • Emancipation – Children can become emancipated from their parents if they’re able to prove that they’re mature and responsible enough to live alone and care for themselves without parental supervision. 
  • Child Abuse and Domestic Violence – Although criminal court handles these violations, they usually raise complex legal matters that impact families. 
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation – In some cases, family disputes can be resolved through mediation and other alternative dispute resolutions instead of going to court. 

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