Family Law Attorneys Greenfield

Family Law Attorneys Greenfield

Family Law Attorneys Greenfield

If you have a legal concern that affects your family, you’ll turn to family law to address the issue. Family law is a complex branch of the law that addresses issues like divorce, post-divorce modifications, paternity, domestic violence, and more. Turn to the skilled legal guidance of an experienced family law attorney in Greenfield for the help you need today. 

Divorce Terms

Divorce, term modifications, and child custody and child support concerns outside of divorce are common family law concerns. The primary divorce terms, which reflect important parental and financial rights, include all the following:

Each of these terms reflects an important element of your divorce and should be carefully addressed in terms of your rights. 


Adoption and guardianship are also primary matters addressed by family law. Both relate to an adult who is not the child’s birth parent taking on a parental role. Adoption refers to the adoptive parents becoming the child’s legal parents – and the severing of legal ties between the child and their birth parents. Guardianship, on the other hand, involves an adult taking on the primary parental role regarding a child, which translates to caring for the child without stripping the parents of their title. 


In California, a child’s father must be established as a matter of law if the parents are not married at the time of their birth. When both parties are in agreement regarding who the father is, a simple court filing will do the trick. When the matter isn’t this clear cut, however, the court is likely to require DNA testing. 

Some of the primary benefits for establishing paternity can include all the following:

  • The relationship between father and child is fostered.
  • The child receives additional financial and emotional support from the father.
  • The mother, if she is the primary custodial parent, enjoys increased resources – in the form of child support – for raising the child.
  • The parents can share parenting time, which can help take the strain off of single parenting. 
  • The child gains legal inheritance rights along with other financial benefits, such as health care coverage through the father’s employment. 

Domestic Violence

The threat of violence in the home is far too common, and California has exacting laws in place that help ensure the safety of family members. Domestic violence refers to violence or the credible threat of violence against a member of one’s family, one’s household, or one’s intimate partner. 

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