Family Immigration Attorneys Gonzales, CA

Family Immigration Attorneys Gonzales, CA

Family Immigration Attorneys Gonzales, CA

Your family’s immigration status is critical, but the laws are exceedingly complicated and tend to be daunting. Experienced family immigration attorneys in Gonzales, California, are well prepared to skillfully address the legal mechanics of your case and to zealously advocate for your immigration rights. 

Achieving Permanent Immigration Status

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) has admittance inspections and requirements in place that are designed to allow nonimmigrants – with temporary immigration status – to obtain permanent immigration status in certain circumstances. This process ends with a green card, which grants the named person lawful permanent residence. Many people achieve permanent immigration status via a Family-Based Adjustment of Status, and understanding the basics can help you better understand your own case. 

Helping a Family Member Gain Permanent Resident Status

In order for your family member to help you gain permanent residence, they must have achieved one of the following statuses:

  • Your family member is already a citizen of the U.S. 
  • Your family member has achieved permanent resident status and has a green card.
  • Your family member entered the U.S. as a refugee in the two years prior to your own application.
  • Your family member gained asylee status as a refugee in the two years prior to your own application. 

Immigration And Marriage

Many instances of family immigration are achieved through marriage, and the government is invested in ensuring that this inroad to permanent immigration status is anchored in actual marital relationships – rather than in relationships that are for the purpose of immigration only.  Several matters you’ll need to establish include:

  • You and your citizen spouse live together.
  • You and your citizen spouse’s financials are intertwined.
  • You have photos and other memorabilia that attest to your married life together
  • There is evidence of correspondence between you and your citizen spouse that supports your claim of a close romantic relationship
  • You have letters of reference from people who know you well that speak to your relationship as a married couple

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