Citizenship Attorneys Hollister

Citizenship Attorneys Hollister

Citizenship Attorneys Hollister

After you have gone to the lengths to establish legal residency in the U.S. and have waited at least three years, you can apply for naturalization. This should be a joyous occasion as citizenship is one of the greatest privileges that you can have. First, you need to successfully make it through the naturalization process.

Requirements of the Citizenship Process

While the reward of this process is great, there are a number of bumps along the way that you may encounter. First, let us start with the requirements for citizenship. They are:

  • At least three years in the U.S. as a permanent resident if you are married to a U.S. citizen and five years otherwise
  • The Form N-400
  • Citizenship interview
  • Civics test
  • Oath of allegiance

The citizenship process is far from a formality. If you make a mistake on your paperwork, or if USCIS has an issue with your application, your application could be considerably delayed. USCIS will also evaluate whether you obtained your permanent residency in a lawful manner or if you have done anything after becoming a permanent resident to make you deportable. That is why it is always best to consult with a citizenship attorney before you file the application. They could help you prepare for any possible issues that you may face, especially if you know going into the process that there could be a problem.

Possible Barriers to Citizenship

There are a number of possible holdups to your citizenship process that could need to be addressed. They include, but are not limited to:

  • If you have a criminal record
  • You were sponsored by your spouse, but the marriage has ended
  • You have spent much time outside the United States before applying
  • You have not properly filed or paid income taxes

Each one of these could cause someone at USCIS to review your application and slow things down. If you have been convicted of a crime, the nature of the offense could determine whether your application would be denied, denied and placed in removal proceedings, or just slowed down while USCIS investigates further.

You may receive a Request for Evidence at some point during the process when USCIS has questions for you. Respond to this with the help of an attorney because this could determine the success of your application. If handled correctly, this could just give USCIS the information they need to approve your request for naturalization.

You Can Appeal a Denial

If there is a more serious problem, USCIS may issue a notice of intent to deny your application. Here, the government official does not get the last word. You have the right to appeal this decision and have a hearing.

You should take the citizenship application process very seriously. The reward is great, but there is effort required along the way.  In an ideal scenario, your paperwork is in perfect order, and your application is quickly and readily granted. However, you need to be proactive and prepared to do whatever it takes on your end to keep things moving smoothly.

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