Adoption Attorney California

Adoption Attorney California

Adoption Attorney California

Adopting a child is an immensely serious decision and responsibility that could change not only your life but also the child’s life forever. This is why you must take adequate time to fully understand your legal rights and responsibilities, as well as the adoption options that may be available to you. To learn more about your options before starting the adoption process, you can consult our experienced adoption attorney in California. 

Can I Adopt in California?

Generally speaking, any adult who is legally fit to become a parent is eligible to adopt, provided that they meet state residency requirements. Even single adults and unmarried couples may qualify for adoption. But adoption agencies and courts will take into account the child’s best interest when deciding on adoption matters. And unfortunately, the reality is that some types of couples could experience biases.  

For instance, while same-sex couples could adopt a child, they might find that some adoption agencies or professionals are more open and LGBTQIA+-friendly than others. This may also apply to prospective parents who have a different ethnicity or race from the child they want to adopt. Likewise, some religious-based adoption agencies may prioritize married couples over single people wishing to adopt. Single people and unmarried couples may likewise be subject to lengthier and more stringent investigations and home visits to determine their “fitness” for parenting. 

What are the Types of Adoption in California?

In California, you can generally choose from the following types of adoption: 

Domestic Partner or Stepparent Adoption:

  • The domestic partner or spouse of a child’s parent adopts the child. 
  • The couple should be registered domestic partners or legally married.
  • This is the simplest type of adoption since one of the child’s biological parents is still the parent of the child.

Agency, Independent, and International Adoption:

  • Agency adoption cases involve licensed adoption agencies or the Department of Social Services. 
  • An independent adoption does not involve the DSS or any adoption agency. Adoption lawyers usually handle independent adoptions. With an independent adoption, if the adopting and existing parents agree to the adoption, the existing parents’ parental rights won’t need to be terminated. 
  • International adoptions entail adopting a child from another country. 

With these types of adoption, the court will terminate the parental rights of the child’s biological parents and grant legal parental rights to the adoptive parents. 

Who Can be Adopted?

The majority of prospective adoptive parents prefer adopting infants, but it’s important to note that any person, regardless of age, may be adopted. Likewise, people who are open to adopting older children might find that they might be able to adopt sooner. The process for adopting foster kids is likewise faster because the state encourages and incentivizes these types of adoptions.  

It’s also possible to adopt an adult, which is typically useful as an estate planning tool, such as including the adopted person in a will. In addition, people who are looking to raise a child right from birth might consider looking into embryo adoptions instead of surrogacy. 

Find Out How an Experienced California Adoption Attorney Can Help You

Courts do not take adoptions lightly, hence the many laws that govern the adoption process. And depending on the type of adoption, various federal and state laws may overlap, making the process even more complicated. This means figuring out which laws apply most to your case, filling out all kinds of paperwork, and then making sure to file them at the required deadlines with the right department. 

Here at Miranda, Magden & Miranda, LLP, we can handle all the legal matters of adoption for you and guide you throughout the entire process of completing a successful adoption. Contact us by phone or by filling out our online form to schedule a consultation with our experienced California adoption attorney today. 


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